Hot Air Balloon Flights

As known Cappadocia is the one of the most preferred destination of the World, for hot air balloon flights. Trace Tour Travel Agency is in contact with most experienced, reliable and fully insured (fully flight insured) balloon companies in the region.

A balloon flight is the best way to admire the beauty of Cappadocia, a place with sensational sunrises above fairy tale - like lands cape. You can enjoy endless panoramic view sand breath taking sights while drifting smoothly over unique rock formations and beautiful valleys. In a hot-airballoon there is no sense of motion, you are slowly gliding over the magnificent landscape with out feeling the wind or movement. After the flight you have hundreds of photos and even more memories that will last a life time. Whether adventurous or merelycurious, this is an unforgettable experience for every body.

The Standard BalloonTours offers a minimum one-hour flight time in the air. You will be pick up from your hotel early in the morning usually before sunrise and driven to the take - off area. While you are having a light breakfast, you will watch the inflation of the balloon then get a passenger briefing which explains basic rules & safety measures for the balloon flight. The nit's time to climb into the basket and highlight of your Turkey trip begins! Less then the sky begis to decorates with colorful balloons. The take off is gentle – soon you'll be taking hundreds of pictures over the valleys of Cappadocia. After the flight lands, there is a small celebration and every body will receive their flight certificates. You will be driven back to your hotel around 8:30 - 09:00 am just in time for breakfast, going on a daily tour or a nap. Cappadocia adventure goes on with Trace Tours Travel Agency, so ask new activities from Yusuf.

By joining The Deluxe BalloonTours you will have minimum 2 hours flight. For people who are interested in photography and aviation, the deluxetour is the perfect choice. The main difference between the deluxe flights, is the longer flight time but you will also fly in smaller baskets, usually between 6 and 12 people. 

Both of the two kind tours includings; transfers from/to hotel, a light breakfast, celebration and flight certificates.

Trace Tours Travel Agency can organize honey moon flights pack (accommadation – tours – traditional foods – romantic nights – celebration parties)  for our precious clients.

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