Local Dishes

Many of restaurants owners (as Köy Evi restaurant, Cappadocia Cuisine) are Yusuf's friends in Göreme. Also Trace Tours Travel Agency can offer you local dishes restaurant in Avanos, Ürgüp, Uçhisar, Ibrahimpaşa. Turkish cuisine is the one the most favurite cuisine in the world. Here you will taste the delicious dishes of Cappadocia and Turkey; Dolma, Sarma, Dried beans in pot, Pottery kebab, Soup of dries yogurth. Here you can learn most famous dishes of Cappadocia. (you should taste "Aside"  desert, made from grape molasses)



Pottery Kebab:

It is prepared (upon reservation) Kebab with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, garlic cooked in the pot and served with rice. You can also find “Testi Kebab” mostly  Göreme.  We can direct you and your group to local taste point of Cappadocia.




Leaves Stuffed:

In Cappdoccia region which is famous for vine culture, the leaves of grapes are kneaded with rice, tomato paste, onion garlic, tomato, pepper, olive oil, salt and other spices. Then they are stuffed with inner materials. They are lined up in a saucepan. Then, lemons are cut into slices and put the to top of leaves. They are set for cooking.




Haricot bean in earthen pot:

Dried bones, haricot bean, oil, tomato paste, onion, salt and water are ingredients. Dried one daybefore, bones are got wet and put in earthen pot to cook. Haricot bean is adde. Onions are cut into slices and put on bean. Water is added and mixture is put in tandour. After it is cooked, sausage with oil and tomato paste is poured. The, it is boiled for half an hour. Later is served. 



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