Traces of Cappadocia 2

soganli Valley

• Göreme panorama
• Paşabağ
• Sobessos
• Soğanli valley
• Kaymaklı underground city


Göreme Panorama:  This is best place to admire wonderfull farry chimneys of Göreme. Goreme Panorama point looking over Goreme is situated on the Goreme – Uchisar road, just 2 km from Goreme. Panorama point provides a magnificent panorama of the Goreme Valley & surrounding area with Mount Erciyes in the distance. There are several souvenir shops nice tea gardens to enjoy the magic view of the Goreme Valley. You can take amazing photos at this point.

Paşabağ (Monks Valley):  Pasabag is located on the road to Zelve, coming from Goreme or Avanos. You can see highly remarkable fairy coulumns, has been occurred here. Pasabag valley contains some of the most striking fairy chimneys in Cappadocia with twin and even triple rock caps. This style is unique even for Cappadocia and these fairy chimneys are named mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys.  

Sobessos:  The next destination is Sobessos ruins. Recently discovered archaeological site from the Roman era. This legendary city was uncovered during an excavation in 2002 in Nevsehir province, Ürgüp district, Sahinefendi village. A large meeting hall with beautiful mosaics has been excavated. The site also contains a Roman bath with a well-preserved underfloor heating system.

Soğanli Valley: It is in southern of Cappadocia. There is a real traditional Turkish village here with people living. There are several valleys you may have the hiking trails, churches (Tokalı Church, Gök Church, Karabaş Church, Geyikli Church) and weird dovecotes to yourself.

Kaymakli Underground City: This is the second biggest underground city after Derinkuyu Underground City. Kaymakli underground city is 20 km far from Nevsehir province. Ancient name was Enegup. Kaymakli underground city has 8 storey and 5000 peoples can live in it, 4 storey is open yet. Ventilation system is so successful(built natural air-condition chimneys) that not feel a problem even the fourth floor. There are rooms and halls connecting to each other with narrow corridor, wine tanks, water cistern, kitchen and food stores, ventilation chimneys, water wells, churches and large lock stones for any danger from out.

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