Traces of Cappadocia 4

Honey (Love) Valley Panorama 
• Zelve Open Air Museum
• Acıksaray in Gülşehir
• St Jean Church in Gülşehir 
• Tatlarin Underground city


Honey (Love) valley panorama: Also it is knowns as Baglidere Valley. It is a gentle walk for those who are not looking for strenuous activity. Within the valley are the famous fairy chimneys that the Cappadocia region is famous for. The valley has a stream that is dry within the high months of summer however at other times; it provides the perfect guide to walk from one end of the valley to the other. This valley is ideal when combined with a trip to the town of Avanos. 

Zelve open air museum: Zelve which once housed one of the largest communities in the region is an amazing cave town, honeycombed with dwellings, [Zelve Açik Hava Müzesi] religious and secular chambers. Here, the Christians and Moslims lived together in perfect harmony, until 1924. The three valleys in the Zelve region are a paradise for the rock climbers.

Acıksaray in Gülşehir: Gülşehir is set on the side of Kızılırmak river, which is 20 km northwest of Nevşehir. It's thought that this city was founded by Hittites (II. Millenium before Christ) by the name of Zoropassos.  When you come two kilometers from Gülşehir towards Nevşehir, you meet hundreds of early christian hiding places which are carved in the rocks and have half - valley shaped. It's called Açıksaray ("Open air palace"). The pictures, dated VI and VII centuries here are quiet damaged yet worth to be seen.

St Jean church in Gülşehir:  At the same place there's the St. John church and a 200 meters tunnel joining the two valleys. ın the villages of Gülşehir there are some underground towns not open for visit. At Sivasa village there is also a human relief carved on a rock by Hittites, and 300 meters west there is a hierogliphic inscription carved on basalt rock again by Hittites.

Tatların underground city: Tatlarin underground city, which is one of the important underground cities of the Cappadocia region, could only be discovered in 1975. There are many food storage areas and churches within it. Only two floors of the Tatlarin underground city which has spread over a pretty large area can be visited currently.

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